San Diego Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer

Taxi cab rides are an alternative mode of transportation used by many people, mostly in larger cities. When you hail a cabbie, you may not be thinking about the problems you will encounter if that driver is involved in an accident, or if you are accidently injured by another driver when you are a taxi passenger. In some cases, people have been injured when their foot is accidently caught under the wheel as the cab arrives or leaves. No matter how your injury occurred, you will need fast help from an experienced California Taxi Cab Accident Attorney.

San Diego Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

People are injured in many ways when they are using public transportation, including when they use taxi cab services. As a commercial operation, the taxi company does need to meet state and local restrictions, including insurance coverage. Problems may occur when there are disputes over liability for an accident and insurance coverage responsibility. An experienced California Taxi Cab Accident Attorney can help you get past the incident with best results, including obtaining fair compensation for your accident injuries. This same attorney can help the driver or taxi cab company when they are challenged by others for injury claims due to a taxi cab accident.

San Diego Taxi Cab Accidents

One of the reasons people rely on taxi cab companies is that they usually do have a good reputation for service and safety. The drivers are experienced, in most cases, and understand the hazards involved with driving in heavy urban traffic areas and on crowded freeways. Most drivers take their jobs seriously and are attentive and conscientious about their driving skills. Despite all precautions and experience, anyone, including taxi cab drivers and their passengers, can be involved in an injury accident.

Taxi cab accidents can have many causes:

  • Driver error or negligent behavior, ignoring traffic laws, making illegal turns, speeding, etc.
  • Equipment defect: brake failure, lights or turn signals not working, tire blowout
  • Hit by another driver
  • Passenger accidently hurt by taxi cab – foot crush, bodily injury when hit by vehicle
  • Distracted driving causes accident

San Diego Taxi Cab Accidents – What to Do

If you are in a taxi cab and are injured, these are the basic things to do:

  • Get medical attention if needed, for yourself and others
  • Exchange contact information with others involved in the accident
  • Take photos, get copies of police and medical reports, driver and cab company information
  • Contact your Personal Injury Attorney immediately; time limits for claims may apply

There are two basic types of taxi cab accidents:

  • The cab hits your car or you – you need to prove liability and negligence.
  • Another vehicle hits the cab you are riding in – liability is generally quite evident if another driver hits the cab you are riding in, unless the accident was caused due to negligent behavior by your driver.

Personal Injury Compensation – San Diego Taxi Cab Accidents

You have the same rights to seek fair compensation when you are harmed in a taxi cab accident as you would in any other vehicle or personal injury accident. You can seek compensation to pay for accident expenses, including work loss, medical care, recovery treatment and related costs.

  • Basic Information – be sure you have contact information for all parties, including name, address, phone number, insurance company and policy information, license numbers and the information for the taxi cab company.
  • Negligence – this is often disputed. A driver does not want to suffer consequences if they were liable for an accident, including higher insurance costs, punitive costs, license revocation or even being fired by the taxi cab company. The taxi cab company does not want higher insurance rates or to pay for damages. Your own insurance company may also be reluctant to pick up costs that other insurance companies will not pay. If you were hit by a cab, you may be accused of being negligent in your behavior also.
  • Fault – California is a pure comparative negligence state, meaning that you may have any award reduced by a percentage of actions attributed to your own negligent behavior.

To obtain fair compensation when you have been involved in a taxi cab accident, get legal advice and representation from an experienced California Taxi Cab Accident Attorney. This professional understands all the details that can enter into this special type of Personal Injury case. They know that drivers may be particularly strong for resisting any accusation that they bear liability for an accident, because that can affect not only their insurance rates, but their career as a cab driver.

San Diego Taxi Cab Driver Requirements

When you ride in a taxi cab, you probably assume that the driver is competent, has insurance and is careful. This state does not require special licenses for drivers, but some local jurisdictions may have special requirements for taxi cab drivers. Some areas may require drivers to take an approved taxi cab driver education course, and the cab companies may also have their own requirements for drivers they hire.

Taxi cab companies are required in all states to carry liability insurance. Liability insurance must cover bodily injury and property damage. This insurance should help cover medical expenses of the driver and passengers and physical damages to the taxi cab, plus theft or vandalism. Taxi cab company insurance should also include coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists for maximum protection. Options to add include rental costs, towing and accessory equipment coverage.

When you pursue compensation for taxi cab accident injuries, you may not be able to collect enough from the driver’s insurance to cover your injuries. Most likely, they do not have significant assets, so your recourse is to sue the company or to try to collect the excess amount from your own insurance. Your experienced California Taxi Cab Accidents Attorney is the right professional who can help you obtain fair compensation from all potential resources.