Top 7 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

A California Car Accident Attorney can help you find justice and obtain fair monetary compensation for harm due to accident injuries caused by negligence. You can file a Personal Injury claim and get action fastest when you work with an experienced accident attorney. Settlements offered by insurance companies are not going to reflect the best possible outcome; those reps only want to offer minimum settlements. Your own attorney will fight diligently on your behalf to obtain maximum awards, through settlement negotiations or in courtroom litigation.

Car Accidents & Personal Injury

Car accidents cause enormous problems for people who are injured due to negligent behavior. The financial stress only begins the recovery process; people endure physical, mental and emotional harm from injuries, and some die from severe injuries. Recovery of fair compensation is just a beginning, and when someone dies in a car accident, the painful aftermath falls upon their loved ones.

Filing a Personal Injury lawsuit is an excellent way to obtain fair compensation for all your accident-related expenses and claims. Car accidents can cause severe injuries even at low speeds, although high speed crashes cause greater harm and a higher rate of fatalities. Each year in the U.S, over 2.35 million people are injured in vehicle crashes; another 37, 000 victims die from their injuries. California ranks among the leader for roadway miles, daily highway users and accident totals.

In a Personal Injury lawsuit, you can present many claims, including:

  • Medical Care Costs – Emergency, hospital, doctor/nurse/specialists, after care, nursing homes and long-term care.
  • Rehabilitation Expenses – Therapy, special equipment, specialists.
  • Lost Income – Wage losses due to time off work while recovering, temporary or permanent disability, retraining, reduced wages due to injuries and job changes, lost future income.
  • Other Losses – Survivor losses – companionship, guardianship, future inheritance, funeral & burial expenses.
  • Property Damage – Some claims related to accident damage to property.

Top 7 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Certain car accident injuries are more likely to be caused by the initial crash impact, bodies colliding with objects within the vehicle or when the person is thrown from the vehicle and collides with other vehicles or objects outside their own car. In a rollover accident due to defective equipment, there can be roof crushes and other effects that severely injure or kill the vehicle occupants.

The following list details 7 of the most common car accident injuries reported nationwide:

  1. Brain & Head Injuries –Closed head injuries are common in car accidents. The damage may result in a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TMI). There can be internal brain damage from colliding with the skull, but no exterior signs of damage.
  2. Neck Injuries – The head is heavy and a sudden jolt can result in whiplash or neck strain.
  3. Spinal Cord Injuries – These injuries may take some time to appear, but results can be painful and expensive to treat. Examples include: disc injury, fracture, sprain, strain and lumbar spine injuries.
  4. Back Injuries – One problem with back injuries is that they may not be immediately noticeable, but develop later on in time. Common back injuries from car accidents include sprains or strains, fractures, damage to discs, and other lumbar spine injuries.
  5. Face Injuries – Facial injuries are easily caused when the person hits objects like the steering wheel, dashboard, airbags, windshield, side window glass, car seats and interior equipment. Common face injuries include bruises, scrapes, cuts, bruises and damage to teeth or the jaw.
  6. Internal Injuries – The sudden impact and forces involved in a motor vehicle accident can injure internal organs like the spleen, liver, lungs, heart, aorta, bowels or kidneys. Rib fractures are common, and may cause further damage by puncturing lungs or other internal organs. Some of these injuries can be fatal and need immediate medical attention.
  7. Psychological Injuries – Mental and emotional trauma can affect every part of your life and be long-lasting. Emotional distress, anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder can result from car accidents.

Proving Your Case

To obtain a positive result from your legal complaint, your attorney must prove your case. There are several elements that apply to obtaining prove of injury and how the accident was the cause of those injuries. Any medical reports, the police accident report, photographs, eye witness testimony and other evidence all help to support your claims. There are some cases that are not started immediately, but may arise at a later date. Timing of your claim is important, because time limits for making a claim may apply, and this is governed by individual state law.

Any time you are in a car accident, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney immediately to discuss your rights and what to do if injuries do not immediately appear. These are two variables to be concerned about:

  • Are Injuries Related to the Seriousness of the Accident – Injuries are not always related to the seriousness of an accident. You can get through an apparently very serious accident with minimal injuries or you can be severely injured in a seemingly minor crash.
  • Do All Injuries Appear Immediately – Some injuries only appear long after the initial time after a car accident. You want to be covered for any future problems that are discovered; work with your attorney on this matter to ensure coverage for initially hidden injuries.

Prevention of Car Accident Injuries

Prevention of car accident injuries begins when you get into a vehicle. Seatbelts are a first line of defense and should always be used. Watch the news for any recalls of defective safety equipment, such as airbags and get recommended replacements as needed. Drive defensively to avoid accidents, but when you or loved ones are injured, get immediate medical assistance. It may not be possible to avoid all car accidents, but following safety rules can be a good step toward prevention.

Your Car Accident Attorney

The best resource you have is an experienced Car Accident Attorney. They are familiar with state and federal laws for Personal Injury accidents, and they will help you file timely claims for fair compensation. If you have concerns or questions, call your attorney immediately.