Work Injuries will cause pain and suffering to thousands of people every year, along with personal and financial problems. During 2014, in just one state, California, there were 334 worker fatalities due to workplace accidents. Nationwide, almost 3 million injuries were reported that year, along with 4,679 deaths. When someone is injured at work or while representing an employer, they may be able to file a Personal Injury lawsuit to obtain compensatory damages for expenses and other claims related to their injuries.

On the Job Risks

Workers are subject to many hazards while working, including injuries from falling objects and being involved in traffic accidents. Other types of accidents cause personal injury harm in the form of bodily injury, mental or emotional stress, discrimination, or illnesses caused by exposure to toxic substances. These risks are supposed to be covered by an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, but some employers do not carry this benefit and others fight claims.

Work-Related Accidents

Unfortunately, all workers are subject to the potential of being injured or killed while on the job. Jobs in some industries are extremely risky for workers. The highest injury risks are faced by workers in the construction and transportation/warehousing industries, followed closely by agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting.

Office workers may be injured in slip and fall accidents, fires, by exposure to harmful substances, or in other more tragic cases, people are killed due to workplace violence. Accidents can happen anytime at work, causing serious financial and physical/emotional suffering for the injured worker and their family.

Compensation for Work Injuries

Obtaining compensation for work injuries is not always easy. Our Work Injury Attorney knows how to file valid claims for Workers’ Compensation benefits and provide direction to you for filing additional Personal Injury claims. Some situations allow you to sue for compensation from the employer or other third parties that might bear responsibility, such as a manufacturer.

Defective products cause injury.
Illnesses or injury caused by exposure to a toxic substance.
Intentional or egregious conduct by your employer caused injury.
File a civil lawsuit against an employer that does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, or collect funds from the state.
File damage claims against a third party.
File for compensatory or punitive damages for things like pain and suffering that are not covered by your employer’s insurance. You can file a civil lawsuit to ask for punitive damages if the employer allowed poor safety controls or dangerous conditions to exist and that contributed to your injury incident.
You may need legal representation to obtain additional government benefits, including Social Security disability coverage if your injuries cause disability and you are unable to work.

Consultation with our experienced Personal Injury Attorney is an important first step to take, as soon as possible. Learn more here about this area of law that allows injured persons to obtain fair compensation for a Work Injury claim.

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