California Hotel Injury Accident Lawyer

People visit hotels for many reasons, including business and personal vacation travel stays. Many hotels also offer other attractions that guests and non-guests utilize, such as restaurant and recreational services. Unfortunately, for thousands of people each year, that visit to a hotel ends up with an injury accident or even death. Workers in this industry also risk injury and death on their jobs at hotels and restaurants. If you or a loved one were injured in a hotel accident, get legal advice and representation from an experienced California Hotel Accident Attorney to obtain the compensation and help for recovery that you deserve.

California Hotel Accident Attorney

An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer knows how to handle claims of injury or death due to hotel accidents. This type of case is similar to other Personal Injury cases, in that someone was wrongly injured or killed because someone or a company was negligent and failed in their duty of care to prevent accidents. In the case of hotels, proper maintenance and oversight of activities on the premises can be a force to prevent accidents.

When the property owner or a supplier does not take adequate steps to ensure safety, accidents happen and people get harmed. Another scenario that is harder to handle is when an individual or group launches a deliberate attack or assault on hotel guests or workers. Again, an experienced California Hotel Accident Attorney offers the legal support needed to prove negligence and win damage claims.

California Hotel Accidents

The American Hotel & Lodging Association reports that the travel and tourism industry is one of the top ten largest industries and employers in the U.S. According to their report, there were 52,887 properties with at least 15 rooms that totaled 4,926,543 guestrooms, generating $163 billion in sales revenue nationwide, in 2013.

Large or small hotel properties are locations where visitors and employees can receive injuries during the time they are visiting or working. The most common type of injury is a slip and fall accident. Even with the best of care, people can trip on doorsteps, stairs, mats and rugs. Rainy weather can create hazards in parking lots and entryways; snow and ice also cause parking lot accidents and fall hazards. Workers can be injured when they have to use ladders to reach heights, climb on roofs or maintain elevators. Visitors encounter plenty of opportunities to become injured, especially at larger hotels that offer additional recreational activities like swimming, skiing or horseback riding.

California Hotel Accident Injuries

Injuries from accidents that occur at hotels vary from minor to serious, including wrongful death. Many hotels also have restaurants and recreational facilities that increase the opportunity for guests and workers to become injured. In addition to guests and workers, casual visitors who just stop by for a drink, to dine or attend a gathering are subject to hotel accident risks.

Hotel Hazards

  • Stairways – slip, trip & fall, bruises, broken or fractured bones, head injuries
  • Elevators/Escalators & Balconies– slip, trip & fall, lacerations, bruises, broken bones, head injuries, amputations, death from falls
  • Furnishings – poor maintenance of beds and chairs can result in injuries
  • Restaurants – food poisoning, slip & fall
  • Swimming Pools – drowning, hitting shallow bottom or diving board, head & neck injuries
  • Athletic Activities – skiing, horseback riding and other athletic activities can cause injury or death from falls as well as broken bones and head injuries
  • Equipment – elevators, escalators, ski lifts, boats can malfunction and cause injury or death; bad electrical equipment or plumbing can cause burns
  • Parking Lots & Shuttle Service– injuries occur from vehicle accidents and slip & fall accidents
  • Deliberate Attack – some people are injured or killed when attacked or assaulted
  • Security Breach – poor security or lighting can allow attacks to occur

Hotel Accident Injuries

  • Skeletal Injury – broken or fractured bones in head, neck, spine, limbs and extremities
  • Skin Injury – lacerations, cuts, bruises and tears of the skin
  • Head Injury – some accidents can result in traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Mental/Emotional – attacks and accidents result in psychological disorders
  • Internal Injury – food poisoning can cause illness or death; falls can injure internal organs
  • Death – from falls from heights, mechanical malfunctions, transportation accidents, violent attacks

Despite strict laws requiring hotels to comply with reasonable care and their duty to maintain safe premises, hundreds of thousands of people are injured yearly, and hundreds more die due to hotel accidents. Awareness of the potential problems is one way to avoid becoming an accident victim. However, if you or a loved one were harmed while at a hotel or on hotel property, it is time to get the legal representation you deserve and obtain fair compensation. Contact your trusted and experienced California Hotel Accidents Attorney immediately for optimum results.

Hotel Accidents – What to Do

  • Get prompt medical attention. Request copies of all medical records for your attorney’s use.
  • Report the accident immediately, to the hotel main desk and to your attorney.
  • Document the accident scene, if possible. Take photos and get witness contact information.

Personal Injury Compensation – Hotel Accidents

  • Basic Information – Provide all evidence to your attorney.
  • Negligence – Discuss the accident with your attorney to determine possible negligence. Your attorney can continue the investigation and request copies of maintenance logs, etc., to pinpoint liability.
  • Fault – If you were in any way partly responsible for the accident, your award may be reduced by a percentage, depending on state laws. California is a pure comparative negligence state, which means awards may be reduced by any percentage of fault attributed to the victim. Fault is still an important issue to insurance companies.

If you are injured because someone else was negligent, you can seek fair monetary compensation for your injury expenses and damage claims under Personal Injury laws. Your experienced California Personal Injury Lawyer can help you recover from Hotel Accidents; get the legal advice and representation you deserve immediately.