Escalator & Elevator Injury Accident Lawyer

Accidents that happen to people when they are using escalators and elevators are not as widespread as accidents involving other modes of transportation, but there still are thousands of injury accidents each year and some fatalities. Even minor injuries result… read more

San Diego Taxi Cab Injury Accident Lawyer

Taxi cab rides are an alternative mode of transportation used by many people, mostly in larger cities. When you hail a cabbie, you may not be thinking about the problems you will encounter if that driver is involved in an… read more

Ride Sharing Accidents + Uber and Lyft

Ride sharing is a new transportation network service that appears to offer benefits to both drivers and passengers, but there are some serious questions with regard to liability and insurance coverage. In California, this problem was recently addressed when Gov…. read more

Distracted Driving Facts & Statistics

Modern technology and convenience are now causing a huge problem for drivers everywhere. In the few seconds it takes to look at a text, computer screen or GPS, drivers enter the state now commonly called distracted driving. Distracted driving is… read more

Calculating Personal Injury Compensation

When you are injured in an accident caused by negligence, you can seek fair compensation for expenses and damages that are related to that accident. Determining what is the fair monetary amount for your claims is the first part of… read more

California Seat Belt Law FAQ

California has strong seat belt laws and most people comply with these regulations. There is solid proof that seat belts do save lives, which is the primary reason states have passed laws requiring seat belt use. California has an extensive… read more

Employer Liability and Car Accident Cases

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 35% of all work-related fatalities in the United States are associated with motor vehicles. Thousands of American workers die each year in work-related crashes. Hundreds of thousands of workers also receive injuries… read more

Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Case

One element of a Personal Injury case that can be confusing is calculating pain and suffering. When you receive bodily injury or mental anguish from being in an accident, there usually is some degree of pain and suffering that goes… read more

How to Sue for Personal Injury

When you or a loved one are involved in an accident, you may file a lawsuit to recover fair compensation for accident expenses, like medical care and property repair. In California, Civil Code section 1714 is where you find details… read more

California Bike Helmet Laws for Kids & Adults

California has strong laws for bicyclists, including a mandatory helmet law for kids. Adults who ride motorcycles must wear approved helmets, but are encouraged to wear helmets also while riding bicycles. This is intended to help reduce the bicyclist fatality… read more

Pain and Suffering in Car Accident Case

Pain and Suffering in a car accident case are considered to be non-economic damages, rather than economic damages. These qualities differ according to type of injury and the individual person and their inner levels of pain tolerance. Obviously, when physical… read more

How to Negotiate Your Claim with Insurance Company

Many lawsuits never proceed to the courtroom. They are settled prior to court through negotiation at Mediation or Arbitration meetings with certain involved parties. Negotiation of claims with insurance companies requires even more special knowledge and skillful communication. This is… read more

California Lane Splitting Law: What to Know

California is a state that neither allows nor prohibits lane splitting, also called lane sharing or filtering. It does provide information and advice about this issue, mainly one that can be most dangerous to motorcyclists. The act of lane splitting… read more

Steps to Take After Your Accident

Part of your responsibility as a driver is to know what steps to take after you are in an accident. Some drivers never need this information, but most people will have this problem at some point during their driving years…. read more

San Diego Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Each year, millions of people are injured in car accidents involving pedestrians. The results when a car hits a pedestrian can be dreadful for the pedestrian and traumatic for the driver. No matter who is at fault, when this type… read more

Factors in Your San Diego Motorcycle Accident Claim

People who are injured and survivors of those killed in motorcycle accidents can seek fair compensation for damages and losses under California law. There are many important factors that apply to motorcycle accident claims that should be understood before taking… read more

Demand Letters for Motorcycle Accidents

Successful resolution for many California Motorcycle Accident cases begins with creation of demand letters. This method for obtaining compensation for accident claims is relatively simple and cost-effective. It is said to work in about one third of dispute cases, especially… read more

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Millions of people enjoy the freedom and fun of riding a motorcycle on all types of roadways, from freeways to backwoods trails. In California, this method of transportation is very popular, but motorcycle riders also run great risks when they… read more

California Work Injury Lawyer & Laws

Every year, millions of people are injured at their workplace. Sometimes the problem is a safety issue, where proper precautions are not taken by employers, and the employees suffer injuries. Other work injuries occur during the normal course of work… read more

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When a pedestrian is injured in a vehicle accident, many assume that only the vehicle driver is at fault. That is not always an accurate conclusion; in many cases, actions by the pedestrian have caused these accidents. Determining who is… read more

San Diego Medical Error Lawyer & Attorney

The numbers of people in California who are injured or die from medical errors is significant, and sadly preventable in many cases. According to a 2003 report by the California Healthcare Foundation, 10,000 people a year die and 140,000 are… read more

San Diego Bus Accident Lawyer & Laws

When larger vehicles, such as trucks and busses, are involved in motor vehicle crashes, the consequences in terms of human injuries and fatalities are higher than with smaller cars or motorcycles. In part due to their larger size and heavier… read more

Recorded Statement vs. The Written

To help prove car accident claims, your Car Accident Attorney will submit evidence to the insurance companies, including statements by the witnesses and persons who were involved in the accident. The form these statements take may be either as written… read more

Tips on Getting a Fair Car Accident Settlement

If you were injured or had your vehicle damaged in a car accident, you want to recover any costs or expenses that result from that incident, especially if that accident was due to someone else’s negligent behavior. In cases where… read more

Who Pays for Car Damage?

Recent statistics reflect that accidents on U.S. roadways cost over $230 billion a year, injuring millions and causing death to over 37,000 people yearly. This is a high price to pay in human terms, and related vehicle damage costs. When… read more

Car Accidents and the Lawsuit Process

When a car accident leads to a lawsuit, you should understand what this process will be like. For the average person, dealing with legal matters is not simple or easy to do. However, highly educated and competent Car Accident Attorneys… read more

Insurance Coverage and Car Accidents

When you own or drive a car, you have a responsibility to carry proof of insurance with you. This information is used when you are involved in a car accident, and it is used by all parties during the process… read more