How to Prove Fault & Liability for Car Accidents

When there is a multi-car accident, in most cases, at least one of the drivers is considered to be at fault through carelessness or negligence. Regardless if the state is a “fault” or “no fault” state, car accidents usually happen… read more

10 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

You’re driving along and suddenly the unexpected happens – you get involved in an accident. Perhaps someone else ran into your car, you ran into another vehicle, you hit a deer that jumped out from nowhere, or you ran into… read more

Steps to Take in Reporting a Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, you must know what needs to be done next to report the incident properly. Depending on which state you are in, different rules may apply. All states require you to report most… read more

8 Things to Do at Car Accident Scene

For the year 2013 in the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association recorded 5,657,000 non-fatal crashes. California, with its high number of miles of roadways, ranks as a leader in highway traffic and motor vehicle collisions. With accident… read more

Top 7 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

A California Car Accident Attorney can help you find justice and obtain fair monetary compensation for harm due to accident injuries caused by negligence. You can file a Personal Injury claim and get action fastest when you work with an… read more

Top 12 Most Common Car Accidents

Car accidents in the U.S. injure about 2.35 million people every year, and there are around 37,000 fatalities that result from car accidents. The monetary costs are astronomical, running about $230.6 billion per year. It is important for drivers to… read more

Car Accidents: How is Negligence Defined?

With its vast highway and road system, California ranks as one of the leading states for auto accidents and fatalities. Negligent behavior by vehicle drivers, equipment manufacturers, or other entities often is the cause of many vehicle accidents. A large… read more

Teen Driving Safety Guide (2020)

Alarming U.S. statistics compiled by the CDC verify that for teens, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death. The saddest part of this fact is that these deaths are mostly preventable. Despite training and parental warnings about driver… read more

File a San Diego Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you believe you have a personal injury case to be heard in California, it is very important that you know how to file this suit. There are numerous laws, as well as the statute of limitations, to think about…. read more

Statistics Of Personal Injury Cases Nationwide

In this country, a vast proportion of civil litigation is made up of personal injury lawsuits. These claims are covered under the tort claim acts. For a case to be heard, an injury must have been sustained by a person,… read more

Medicare Liens In Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are complex cases, but even more so when there is a Medicare lien attached to them. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get Medicare to release information, which makes these cases hard to manage. It is… read more

What Is Considered Personal Injury?

Accidents happen and they happen often. Regardless of the fact that they are common, however, those who suffer an accident are often in a lot of pain and suffer from a lot of confusion as well. This is particularly true… read more

Understanding Negligence In Personal Injury

In a personal injury case, the plaintiff, which is the person who sustained an injury, will rely on negligence on the side of the third party. This basically means that it is believed that the third party was responsible for… read more

Examples of Personal Injury Demand Letters

If you have suffered a personal injury, you may be entitled to some form of compensation. It is recommended that you look into this by seeking high quality legal advice. However, you can also get started on your own. Personal… read more

Personal Injury Damages Guidelines

Tort law covers personal injury laws. This means that the case is heard in civil, rather than criminal court. The purpose is to ensure victims are able to be financially compensated for losses they have sustained as a result of… read more

10 Famous Personal Injury Cases + Settlements

Personal injury cases are a way for people to be compensated for the wrongdoings of a third party that culminated in them sustaining an injury. In order to receive adequate compensation, it is very important to seek proper legal advice…. read more

Personal Injury Case Examples

Personal injury cases are the order of the day in the court rooms. Most of the time, these are reasonably straightforward cases. However, there have been some truly notable personal injury cases, and some of these have defined the world… read more

Personal Injury vs Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a part of personal injury law. However, it is much more complex than other cases in this category. There are some clear similarities, particularly in as such that both generally involve someone getting injured as the result… read more

Personal Injury vs Wrongful Death

A personal injury claim has a lot in common with a wrongful death claim. Both types focus on negligence, which means that there was an owed duty in place to exert care and that this duty was breached, resulting in… read more

Personal Injury vs Workers Compensation

There are many different types of compensation lawsuits that you could file after an accident. Two of these are personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims. It is very important to understand the difference between these two before you seek… read more

Personal Injury vs Bodily Injury

Two terms are often used when someone got hurt. The first is personal injury and the second is bodily injury. A lot of people use the terms as if they are interchangeable, but they actually are not. Indeed, they are… read more

How To File A San Diego Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When somebody dies as a result of an accident or another type of incident, those who are left behind experience tremendous trauma. Often, they feel helpless because they don’t know what occurred or how it really happened. This is particularly… read more

Examples Of Wrongful Death Cases

A lot of people wonder what a wrongful death case is and how it can apply to them. As a general rule, if someone dies as a result of a negligent act or a third party, a wrongful death claim… read more

What Is Wrongful Death Negligence?

A wrongful death lawsuit is based on negligence. The lawsuit can only be filed by someone who is a member of family for the person who has died. Different states have different regulations in terms of who can be classed… read more