Many people seek legal assistance from our Personal Injury Attorney after they were injured in traffic crashes while they were on foot as a pedestrian. Making a prompt legal response after you or a loved one is harmed in an accident due to someone else’s negligent behavior is important, as many states have strict time limits for filing injury lawsuits.

Pedestrian Accidents

During 2012, Pedestrian Accidents across our nation were the cause of death for 4,732 people and injuries to another 76,000. This averages out to a pedestrian death every 2 hours and injuries every 7 minutes due to traffic crashes. These statistics reflect harm to persons on foot who were involved in a motor vehicle traffic crash while they were walking, running, jogging, hiking, sitting or lying down.

Accidents frequently happen away from intersections, when a person attempts to cross the road in the midst of traffic flow. About 70% of pedestrian fatalities occurred at non-intersections. The majority of pedestrian accidents happen in an urban setting, during nighttime hours between 6pm and 6am and under normal weather conditions. People over age 65 were also more prone to being killed in these crashes than any other age group.

Accident Statistics

Pedestrian accidents account for 14 percent of all traffic crash fatalities. OF those deaths, 90 percent were single vehicle accidents, mostly (86%) occurring when the pedestrian was struck by the front of a passenger car, SUV, pickup truck, or a van. A smaller portion of accidents where a pedestrian was killed involved large trucks that stuck the person from the right side or rear. Another 19% of fatal pedestrian accidents were hit-and-run crashes. California recorded the highest number of pedestrian fatalities of all states, 612.

Pedestrian Injuries in Traffic Crashes

Typical pedestrian injuries from traffic crashes involve bodily harm, but many people also suffer later from psychological and emotional stress. Broken bones, fractures, cuts, abrasions and bruises result from the impact, while more serious injuries occur when the person is thrown into other vehicles or objects like signs or poles. Brain injury is common when there are head or neck injuries, and a spinal injury may result in paralysis.

Accident Claims

Personal Injury lawsuits for Pedestrian Accidents include claims for medical and hospital treatment, work loss, rehabilitation, disability care and job retraining, plus other lifestyle damages. People suffer loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship/consortium, loss of parental guidance and other non-economic claims. If there was any type of deliberate act that resulted in the accident, a jury may also levy punitive damages. Negligent behavior that causes injury is a situation that demands legal attention, so the injured party can obtain the fair compensation they deserve.

Consultation with our experienced Personal Injury Attorney is an important first step to take, as soon as possible. Learn more here about this area of law that allows injured persons to obtain fair compensation for Pedestrian Accidents claims.

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San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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