San Diego Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Each year, millions of people are injured in car accidents involving pedestrians. The results when a car hits a pedestrian can be dreadful for the pedestrian and traumatic for the driver. No matter who is at fault, when this type of accident happens, you can be sure that there will be some physical harm or worse. People who are in car accidents involving pedestrians need skilled legal representation from an experienced Car Accident Lawyer immediately to get past this stressful time with best re

Car Accidents & Pedestrians

Serious physical injuries usually are the result when there is a collision between a car and a pedestrian. When this happens, the pedestrian often suffers great physical harm and sometimes death. Cars and other motor vehicles are far larger, heavier and bulkier than pedestrians. Vehicles at any speed can cause tremendous damage to a person of any age, but especially small children and the elderly. Even in a parking lot where cars are proceeding very slowly, a collision can crush bones when a car hits a pedestrian.

Pedestrians can be injured by cars at any time whenever they are near a road or other place where there is active vehicle traffic. They may be using a crosswalk properly, but then a driver fails to follow the traffic laws that give pedestrians the right-of-way in that situation and hits them, causing injury. A pedestrian can be injured when they are hit by a car that was first hit by another car and then is shoved into them. Intersections can be a place of danger as well as safety for pedestrians; drivers making turns may not see a pedestrian as they try to complete their turn but hit the walker instead.

San Diego California Accidents Attorney

Pedestrians are most likely to seek legal advice from a California Accidents Attorney if they were hit by a car and injured. However, drivers also may need legal assistance for defense against claims that they were liable for the accident. Not all car-pedestrian accidents are the sole fault of drivers. Many pedestrians step out in front of vehicles without proper precautions and then are unavoidably hit by a passing car.

If you are the driver or the injured pedestrian, you can find the help you need to obtain justice by working with an experienced California Accidents Attorney. This professional has the special knowledge needed to win vehicle accident cases involving pedestrians. They know how to reconstruct an accident scene, can use resources like expert witnesses to support or discredit injury claims, and they are comfortable, as well as aggressive, in courtroom litigation.

As you are trying to decide which attorney should become your legal representative, look for an experienced lawyer who has won many similar cases. Your attorney must know how to present a case to others in pre-trial negotiation meetings, mediation, arbitration, and to a judge and jury during litigation. They will also give you their assessment of your chances of winning and what settlement amounts to expect. You deserve individual attention and customized solutions for your unique case.

San Diego Car Accident Injuries

Determining fault is an essential element for winning an accident injury case. Injuries can happen to pedestrians any time they are near a car that is moving. If the pedestrian fails to exercise due caution and runs out in front of a moving car, or does not notice an oncoming car because they are texting, the ensuing accident is most likely their fault. Even if the driver slams on the brakes, but still hits the pedestrian, serious injuries can happen because the human body cannot take that kind of collision.

Pedestrian and drivers both bear responsibility for safety on the road. When an accident does occur, one or both may be liable for injuries that result and related expenses for care and recovery. If the pedestrian is killed in such an accident, their survivors may seek fair compensation for loss of their loved one. Both parties can benefit from getting legal advice and representation from an experienced Personal Injury Car Accident lawyer.

The types of injuries that pedestrians incur when hit by a car include the following:

  • Head, neck, spine injury – from being hit by the vehicle or when the body collides with immoveable objects nearby
  • Bone injuries – fractures, broken bones and amputations
  • Soft Tissue injury – bruises and lacerations
  • Mental/Emotional injury – traumatic responses can be long-lasting and require extensive therapy

San Diego Personal Injury Accident Claims

The types of claims presented after car/pedestrian accidents are similar to other Personal Injury case claims. They include: medical expenses, lost wages and other claims for pain and suffering and loss of lifestyle enjoyment. Survivors of pedestrians killed in a car accident may also present claims for their losses due to the wrongful death, such as loss of companionship and guardianship.

According the records of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), California had the largest number of pedestrian fatalities in 2013, at 701 persons. Nationwide, there were 4,735 pedestrian deaths and over 66,000 injuries in car/pedestrian accidents. As with other vehicle accidents, alcohol use by either the driver or the pedestrian was present in about 49 percent of those crash fatalities.

Accidents involving cars and pedestrians result in a fatality about every 2 hours and injuries every 8 minutes, according to NHTSA reports. Most people do not think about this type of accident, because it is a rare occurrence compared to vehicle to vehicle crashes. That may also contribute to the accident rate, as people do not pay much attention to pedestrian safety, even though they should, especially if they are a driver.

San Diego Legal Advice & Representation

To obtain maximum settlement offers and jury awards, obtaining professional legal advice and representation is your best option. No matter how long and extensive your case becomes, with this support, you can have confidence that all time limits are met, evidence is complete and that your claims are properly presented. Get a free consultation to start this process, and let the attorney do the work for you.